Beehive Learning Academy, Inc. and subsidiary Beehive Baby Academy is a State Licensed Child Care Center serving the greater Washington County area.


We offer care for children ages 4 weeks to 12 years of age. Beehive offers a wide range of programs including: Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten; Before, After, and Out-of School Care; Infant Care, and Summer Camp.  The Montessori approach will focus on key developmental stages with age appropriate activities provided that guide play, social, and cognitive development in a teacher assisted environment.  With this philosophy children learn to focus on their interests and explore without pressure.  Learning becomes a joy and they naturally develop the social skills to include their peers in the process.  Children learn creativity because the focus is on the joy of the work and not the end result.  Learning responsibility and self-discipline comes naturally as they return learning materials to he shelves after use and cooperative learning.  Above all we strive to show genuine interest in each individual child, encouraging them to feel loved and safe in our environment.


Why choose a commercial Child Care Center when so many cheaper options seem available? Many people don't realize that Child Care Centers are held to a higher standard than that of in-home, hourly, and other "baby-sitter" type settings.  The parent who hires a teenager (or anyone) that occasionally babysits in their home needs no license, background checks, education, or safety knowledge. The Mom who runs a Day Care of her home might leave your child unattended to answer the door or visit the restroom. In addition to local codes the Utah State Department of Health regularly inspects our facilities to ensue we are in compliance a strict set of licensing regulations. Included are the requirements that our staff pass criminal background checks and maintain current First Aid Certificates. Our staff are also required to meet specific and ongoing educational requirements relevant to the field of early childhood education and safety. We will always have a staff member present with the children. The old adage "You get what you pay for" is very appropriate to our industry. You are welcome view the results of our most recent inspection here.


We are now accepting applications for the Summer Bees 2016.  Visit our Enrollment page to get the process started.


Bee Safe! & Bee Smart  At Beehive Learning Academy!





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Our facilities are licensed and inspected regularly by the State of Utah.

Our employees undergo State mandated fingerprinting and criminal background checks.

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