After School

School children ages 5 to 10 years enjoy their ‘out of school’ time at Beehive Learning Academy Explorer Bees Club. Our goal is to provide opportunities for them to explore, discover, and achieve their greatest potential by offering activities related to a monthly theme.

Little girl with big poofy blue wig and red scarf smiling.

Explorer Bees Club
(after and out of school)

Explorer Bees Club is a well rounded program that offers students daily experiences in math, science, language, and art as well as outdoor time to run and play. Students have the freedom to make choices about the activities they engage in (dramatic arts, construction, music, science discovery, creative expression, reading, homework, problem solving and games, or just relaxing).

For the convenience of parents, we offer transportation to and from local schools.

We provide a full day of fun activities on teacher work days, school holidays and vacations. During the summer break, we offer Summer Bees Camp for both traditional and year round tracks.