Montessori Pre-K

Ages 4 to 5 years

We are proud to introduce our half-day or full-day Montessori based Kindergarten Prep. This class is for children ages 4-5 years who will be starting kindergarten the following school year. During this time children share in many exciting and fun activities with their peers both in the classroom and outdoors. At Beehive Academy the learning never stops!

4 boys play acting like a music group. Singing and playing paper insturments

Montessori Style Pre-Kindergarten

Beehive Learning Academy has adopted the Montessori Preschool approach to kindergarten prep that begins a continuum of learning from the important pre-k years through the primary grades. We have integrated a traditional preschool curriculum that is comprehensive and fun for the children. This curriculum provides an outline for the entire school year! In addition, we strive to follow the guidelines of the Washington County School District in order to understand exactly what your child will need in order to be prepared for transition to either a more formal private or public school setting.