Montessori Kindergarten

Ages 5 to 6

Read below the many benefits of choosing to place your child in a private kindergarten.

Young boy at table proudly display a finished puzzle.

Montessori Themed Kindergarten

Beehive  Learning Academy operates a private Kindergarten program. Transportation is available (see that page for details). Beehive's Kindergarten school schedule also follows the same holiday schedule as the Washington County School District.

Kindergarten Hours
Monday through Thursday
9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Children are also encouraged to attend both before and after the Kindergarten school day programs. During this time they may share in many other exciting and fun activities with their peers both in the classroom and outdoors. At Beehive the learning never stops!

Some of the benefits of our Private Kindergarten include:  Child to Teacher ratios are smaller for private vs public schools.  This means more individual attention for your child; Your child will feel less anxiety by continuing in the preschool environment with some of the same familiar teachers and administrators; Parents have more say in how and what their children are taught;  We spend less time on mandated paperwork and more on instruction.  In addition, we are not compelled to focus on test scores.  As a result, our teachers tend to enjoy more autonomy in the classroom and have more creativity in their teaching methods. Bottom line? Your child has more fun learning!

Beehive Learning Academy has adopted the renown Montessori Preschool approach to education. This begins a continuum of learning from the important pre-k years through the primary grades. We have integrated the Scholastic Preschool Curriculum that is both comprehensive and fun for the children. This curriculum provides an outline for the entire school year! Additionally, we have met with the leaders of the Washington County School District in order to learn exactly what your child will need in order to be prepared for transition to either a more formal private or public school setting.